About Leah

Leah_1325I am certainly not one of those who need to be prodded. In fact, if anything, I am the prod.
(Winston Churchill)

 Who is Leah Abramsohn?

Leah is your dream manager for all the projects that make your toes curl when you think of doing them yourself.  Moving house – locally or overseas? She’s the answer to your prayers. Drowning in paperwork and possessions after a death in the family? Leah will sort out the legal aspects and arrange the sale of assets to benefit you instead of the taxman.

Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa, Leah is organised, energetic and efficient. She knows her way around local authorities, state bureaucracies and international regulations, and can cut through the red tape that ties the rest of us in knots. Her direct, no-nonsense approach tends to get results quickly and her care for her customers leaves you feeling cherished.

How did Leah get here?

In 2004, Leah’s parents decided to emigrate to Canada to join her brothers there. The parents had lived in the same house in Cape Town for 45 years, with all their accumulated baggage; her dad was a paper hoarder of note and her mother loved shoes.

Two weeks before the shippers were due, they realised that they were in a terrible mess. No arrangements had been made with the bank for them to emigrate and the filing system for her dad’s papers existed only in his head.  Confusion reigned.

Leah came to the rescue, mobilising her skills and knowledge to sort out the mounds of paperwork – from visas to income tax to medical aid and Reserve Bank requirements –  that they needed to emigrate. She then organised the packing and and arranged shipment of their possessions, as well as selling the house and the rest of the estate after her parents had left.

From this experience, and seeing the need for her services among other Cape Town residents, the idea of Get it done was born.

Leah’s background

Leah qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then entered commerce, working for a pharmaceutical wholesaler, a global oil company, and a property investment fund, among others. In each position she honed her financial, management and organisational skills, until she become Company Secretary of Oceana Investment Corporation (PLC), based in London.

In 2000, Leah decided to leave London and return to Cape Town, where she developed a consultancy offering project and financial management services to businesses, individuals and NGOs. She has always been closely involved in the community, and as a member of Rape Crisis-Cape, she was responsible for obtaining a house to set up the first Battered Women’s Shelter in South Africa. At that time she was also active in her local branch of the UDF (an anti-apartheid organisation) and participated in various anti-apartheid campaigns.

She was chairperson of Cape Town Child Welfare, the second largest child welfare organisation in South Africa, and also chairperson of Foodbank, a Section 21 Company that collects unwanted food from donors to deliver to organizations who distribute to communities in need. Leah was also a director of Bush Radio, a community-based radio station, and Triangle Project, which challenged homophobia at all levels.

As Get it done has grown and expanded, it demands more of Leah’s time, and has forced her to curtail her community activies. The only non-profit board that she currently sits on is ECTEC, an organization specializing in training in First Aid.

Leah is a practised mentor and facilitator with experience in adult education, motivation and behavioural change.