Other Services

Leah and her assistants at Get it done offer a range of services to suit your needs.

Moving the Elderly

Moving home can be a very difficult process for elderly persons. They may be nervous of change, frightened of the new, and reluctant to give up their old habits and possessions.

Leah is very experienced in helping elderly clients make this kind of life-altering change. She is particularly adept at inspiring trust in people undergoing personal upheavals, and can help them sort through their precious belongings with humour and sensitivity. She then moves them and their possessions with the special care they deserve.

Whether you are being moved, or whether you have to move an elderly parent or relative, Leah understands the anxieties that develop in such circumstances. She will relieve the pressure on you by applying her expertise to make the move as seamless as possible, be it local or overseas.

Arranging your Emigration

Anyone planning to emigrate gets swamped by all sorts of administrative tasks that can be enormously stressful and time-consuming. These include dealing with the Reserve Bank and with SARS, a headache at the best of times. On top of everything else involved in leaving the country and moving to a new one, who needs the strain?

Leah will take care of all your paper-work. She makes the phone calls, drives to the offices, stands in line and deals with the bureaucrats, to save you the time and effort. And you end up with the correct papers, properly signed and sealed, which can be a big relief.

Handling Deceased Estates

When a loved one passes away, it is hard enough to cope with your own personal grief. Add handling the settlement of the deceased’s estate to that, and the stress can be overwhelming.

Leah will take the responsibility for managing the details off your hands and allow you to mourn in peace. She is familiar with the procedures involved in settling estates and deals with these matters in a responsible, efficient and unobtrusive manner.

Disposing of assets

When people make changes in their living arrangements, they frequently end up with unwanted possessions, large and small, which they then offer for sale. But selling your larger assets, such as a house, a flat, furniture, equipment for business or leisure purposes, or a car, and getting a good price for it is not always as easy as it sounds. You may have an emotional investment in the asset that gets in your way, or you may lack experience in a particular market.

Leah makes it easy by organising the sale of the asset for you. She will check the market, compare prices and values, and make sure you get the fairest price possible. She has spent years in business doing just that for her companies, and has plenty of experience in helping individuals to dispose of large assets, both fixed and movable.