The Five Keys

The Four Keys of Get it done’s Dynamic Removals process cover an exhaustive list of  items that are required when  you plan and carry out a move.   Here are some of the activities that the Dynamic Removals team will cover.

What we will do for you

Before we take the first step, we will give you a clear indication of what you can expect during the process of packing & moving.

  • Leah will always personally supervise all the processes.
  • We will not do a job without some level of supervision.
  • We can be present throughout the process or we can do only those parts of the move that you want us to.

First Key: Sorting out the clutter

We will:

  • Sit down together to review everything in your house or office and assess the clutter.
  • Discuss what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.
  • Physically separate out what you want to keep from what should go.
  • Decide how to dispose of unwanted items: sell them, give them away, donate them to charity, or send them to auction.

Second Key: Packing

We pack up everything from antiques and pianos to plastic garden furniture. We are experienced in dismantling difficult items.

  • We use boxes suitable for what is being packed.
  • We use lots of white waste paper at the bottom and the top of each box to ensure sufficient cushioning and even bubble wrap where required.
    • We use bubble wrap for most glassware & definitely for all delicate glassware.
    • All delicate objects d’art are bubble wrapped and boxed.
    • All mirrors, large paintings and glass table tops are bubble wrapped and the corners secured with cardboard.
  • Clothes are wrapped in a clean box with their hangers. If clothing is kept in a special order, we will pack it so that the order remains the same in the new location.
  • We are careful to put fragile items at the top of a pile of boxes.
  • Boxes are labelled on top as well as on a side with content details.
  • Furniture  can be fully packed using heavy tarpaulins, at your request.
  • We can provide crating for extra protection where you think this is necessary.

Third Key: Cleaning

We arrange for cleaning the old premises after you have vacated and the new premises before you occupy.

Fourth Key: Transporting and Unpacking

We will transport everything, including your pets, to the new location. On arrival, we will unload all your possessions and unpack all boxes – or as many boxes as you like.

  • In the van, items are covered with blankets and secured with straps where appropriate.
  • We are experienced in moving difficult objects in difficult situations.
  • On arrival at the new premises, we will unpack your immediate kitchen needs and we will make your beds.
  • We will unpack and place all items where you would like them to be.
  • We will take the empty boxes and packaging away.

We are in the business of making your move as seamless and relaxed as possible.