Client Testimonials

It certainly pays to know the people who know how to do it – thank you so much.

Jaimie & Marlene

My life was in a mess, I didn’t know where to find anything. Thank goodness Leah came to see me and with her help and instruction I can now see the wood for the trees.

Leah helped me set up filing systems which I still have in play. She gave me lessons in de-cluttering which I still try to keep up.

In reality if it hadn’t been for Leah I would be drowning in paper and unwanted, unneeded clutter.  Thank you Leah for being a lifesaver.

Helen Kuttner

Take the stress out of your move!! Make one phone call ! Give Leah a call. She is your angel on wheels ( literally!) She has a 4×4 to boot!! She arrives in a good mood, she makes you focus on what’s important, and doesn’t let you get sidetracked by the  “small sweaty stuff”.

Leah’s mantra  “ put your hand on it only once ” is some thing I now live by and  know how to keep my new apartment tidy and uncluttered. It means: you look at something, make a decision there and then as to where it must go: ie off to charity,  the second- hand shops, book shops, or to your char, friends, etc.

Scaling down from a large 9 roomed, 4 bathroomed home in which 4 university educated children were raised with all their books and stuff was no small feat after 30 + years . Leah made the transition for my husband and I a breeze onto the sea front!

Thanks Leah ! You rock!!

Rochelle Maisel